Thursday, December 08, 2011

LOOK CLOSER!!!! Miniature Cupcakes smaller than 1/2 inch (10-15 millimeters) 100% polymer clay!

Get closer!!! 
Each of these pieces is about 10-15 millimeters wide, at the base of the cupcake.
Less than 1/2 inch wide!!!

Delicate sculpture work.

The flowers are made from polymer clay.

I have added in one of my first frosted cupcakes- 
to show the scale of the pieces. You can scroll
 down my blog and view the sidebar on the right hand side. 
You will see the purple and green cupcake sitting 
on my finger in one of the photos which is linked to my Flickr acct. 
This way, you can get the idea of how small the other cupcakes are.

For those who have seen the micro clown sculpture,
in photos, posed on my pinkie nail, you can get 
a sense of the scale of the cupcakes as well.

Iced and frosted.

A candy explosion! I imagine PopRocks... I loved them growing up!


Beverly said...

The candy explosion cupcake is so cute! And I agree that Pop Rocks were definitely fun:)

Anyway, very nice work on the micro cupcakes, especially the delicate frosting:)

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Amber ,You know I have always loved your Cute little Cupcakes,Now they have become so realistic !!! They really do look yummy ..keep on creating ..peace and love Heather

teviro said...

Que bonitos que son.Me encanta el colorido.