Friday, December 09, 2011


I'll be giving one of my cupcakes away on 12/23  
Take a look at these floral and snowflake frosted cupcakes. 
Smaller than a dime!
What do you think? 
They are 100% polymer clay!

To enter, leave a comment!
If you want to enter 2 times, blog about this and leave your comment saying that you blogged.
To enter a 3rd time, you can also follow me on my FB fanpage!
The link is on the sidebar. 
The comments are moderated so you may need to wait 
in order for your comment to show up.

On a nickel and a penny!

On fingers!

Each of these snowflakes is made of polymer clay!

On a dime to show scale.


LeJenMiniature said...


Please include me in your giveaway!!!

Your cup cakes are beautiful!!!



Ascension said...

Me encantaria participar en tu sorteo son unos trabajos fantasticos, me encantan.
Subo el aviso a mi blog.
Ya he pasado por tu facebook.
besitos ascension

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I would LOVE to participate!

Jingle said...

Oh, these are just wonderful! Those snowflakes are amazing! Thanks for this great giveaway!

Jingle said...

I am a follower!

teviro said...

ME gustaria mucho participar en tu sorteo.
Tus cupcakes son maravillosos, tan pequeños, pero con tantos detalles.
Son ideales.
Pongo la entrada en mi blog.
Muchas gracias.

Rosella said...

Ohh! These cupcakes are very lovely! Please count me in your giveaway. I put your link on my blog.
Thanks and kisses

Anonymous said...

Hola, que maravillosos trabajos haces, tan pequeños!!!! son una maravilla, me encantaria participar en tu sorteo, pongo el aviso en mi blog, gracias y besos.

Mati said...

Me gusta mucho lo que haces y me gustaría participar en el sorteo, ya he pasado por tu página en facebook.

Heather said...

I want to sign up Hannah for your giveaway because we have been working on her doll house and Amber Dawn creations need to adorn the table!! Happy Holidays!!

Heather said...

Oh and you know I am already following on your FB page!!!

Sue said...

Wow!! Amber Dawn these are wonderful!Please put my name in the hat! Merry Christmas! Sue

malu2 said...

Tus trabajos son fantasticos,me gustaria participar en tu sorteo!! ahora subo tu enlace a mi blog, tanbien he participado en Facebook.Besos.

Sandra said...

Om nom nom, not only do these look super cute, but tasty as well!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I don't know how you do it but those are just adorable!