Friday, December 02, 2011

~*LAST DAY to enter Lori's Craft Show extravaganza GIVEAWAYS!*~!*~

Today is the *last* day to get your name in!

I am crossing my "t"s, fingers, toes, etc. in hopes that I win the piece by Manuela!!!!!!!
I LOVE glass art pieces!!!!

(((Hint to anyone who makes glass art- you can send me some! I'd wear it!!!!)))

~*Thank you SO much Lori for hosting and running the event! It's been great getting to know so many new artists, designers and crafters and to be re-connected with some of my old online contacts as well!*~

Everyone, be sure to check out the links for all of the days posted! & on day 6 - that is where I was featured.

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Lorillijean said...

I just love your little cupcakes Amber. They are too cute!! I also want to so thank you for contributing to the Virtual Craft Show and give all of us the pleasure of seeing your work & the ability to now network with you.;-)