Thursday, January 28, 2010


If you love that show, leave a comment!
I'll pick a winner, who will get a funky and crazy little something that "Betty" would wear!
I'm upset that the show is ending 8 shows from now-
And they film in several locations where I grew up!
They are really cutting it off way too short.

I JUST found Betty again on Hulu this month!
Yes, I often admit that I live under a rock.
I didn't know that they switched from Thursdays to Fridays to Wednesdays!
I was still looking on Thursdays!!!

ABC- keep BETTY! Or make Betty Movies at least!


Orlita said...

I never did see the US version, but we used to watch the Spanish soaps (back when rabbit ears could get you something on TV) and the Spanish version was definitely a wild ride.

Gerry said...

I MUST live under a rock - Hulu ???
I'm not a Betty watcher.
Actually, not much of a tv watcher, just the weather reports.

Pat Winter said...

I have watched Ugly Betty from the start and will miss the show. I guess they need the space for more "reality" shows. Ugh!

mother teresa said...

Loved Betty. I do like your idea of a Betty movie!! What fun would that be???
I hate when they start to move the days around and you never know where to find the show anymore! So frustrating.

Pretty Things said...

I've actually never seen it! But I'm sorry for you. :-(

Lorelei Campbell said...

Betty should wear a mini-print mini skirt, poorboy sweater, fishnet stockings, white belt and go-go boots.

Jen Crossley said...

Im so disappointed they are taking it off My daughter and I love Betty

Carol said...

I say Keep Betty!! I need to find Hulu too!

Cathee said...

LOVE BETTY!!!She and I could be great friends and I bet she could really get hooked on altered art!

Lisa Gatz said...

I have watched Betty since day 1! I'm dumbfounded as to why they would cancel!*doh!*