Friday, January 22, 2010

keeping calm

I've had a lot of grief and sorrow, worry and stress the past few weeks and to keep calm, I doodle.

Here are a few new characters I made up to add to pendants and add to accessories...Designing characters cheers me up!


Gerry said...

There must be something going 'round.
Seems as though there is more than enough grief and sorrow, and angst among our blogge pals.
Perhaps we, as bloggers, feel that we can confide in our 'group' without repercussions and recieve some comfort in knowing we aren't alone in our trying times.
I have enjoyed every visit to your blog and look forward to many more visits.

Pretty Things said...

Oh no, Amber. Email me, anytime.

Kelly said...

i'm sorry things have been sad, amber dawn. i hope that as this note reaches you that things are looking up and you are feeling more at peace. i do love your doodles, too!