Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3rd-

She is doing a little something to make the day special, she asks that we all pass on the info and help make her surprise extra special- Not sure what she is exactly up to- but I am interested!
~*Jamie Noel*~

I am going to be posting pictures this weekend showing off some of the THINK PINK jewelry that I have been assembling- using the charms from the THINK PINK exchange.

Please note that the THINK PINK doll and raffle event is fast approaching! OCTOBER 15th!
Get your donations out to Monica in order to play.
There are lots of great runner up prizes!
Click on the THINK PINK cartoon face link to the right to learn more.


Jamie Noel said...

I was popping over to say hello...and you have my contest! I don't know why the kind acts of my Amberdawn Fairy Godmother conitue to surprise me, but they always do!

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for the info, Amber D ... I just stopped over and am still wiping the drool from may face! lol

hope this finds you feelin groovy, ~M~

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Yes, approaching FAST! I'm running to keep up... all Xcited to SEE the bracelet you will be donating to THINK PINK drawing...

working behind the scenes now, but will very SOON turn my blog back to the p-i-n-k madness!

Have a pic of the prizes, I'm updating the prize wheel now.

Thanks again Amber for ALL you do. Your spirit of giving is contagious! I just may have to join another swap so to fill up my very own bracelet...

GOT MY CHARMS! I was waiting to show you after I hooked the charms on... but TIME is getting away from me.

Yes, pc still driving me bonkers! Need more RAM! I'll get to that this weekend, I promise. (not on dial up, but may as well be as it runs and runs sl o wwll yyyyy)

More soon!

xo, Monica

Sabii Wabii said...

After you think pink want to try RED???
Check it out. Would love to have you participate.