Thursday, October 09, 2008

The ~*~Mystical*~* power of prayer and fasting---

Whether you are a Jew or not, I bet you have heard at least once in your life about someone who's life was transformed by the power of prayer and fasting.
Other cultures practice it as well... But my drive to post this is directly related to my upbringing in a Jewish home.
For some reason, there is a very direct and immediate response to prayer when done with a true fasting. Fasting in a way that not only keeps food from your lips- but also by keeping yourself from filling your heart and mind with your own desires and wants.

When I was little, I felt very frustrated on each Yom Kippur.
"Why can't I have any food?"
"Why can't I watch T.V.?"
"Why can't I go out and play with my friends?"
"Why are the lights off in the house?"
It was SO boring, SO quiet, SO *depressing* for me.

As I got older- older than 8, I found ways to prepare in advance and sneak food in my room- in my book bag from school the day before.

Although the people in the house were Jewish, I had only been to Shul once in my life, and that was with a friend of mine from school. I was not raised knowing or fully understanding the REAL purpose of the holiday... Other than it was very important to follow all of the rules that the adults were following....????? To be forgiven, to forgive and to be thankful and appreciative of life.
That left me feeling hollow, hungry, and just annoyed at the holiday!

I hated it more than any other holiday there ever was.
*Who can hate a holiday?*

So- wanting to understand the "*truth*" behind the holiday and why everyone took it so seriously, I did my own experimenting.

Well, when I was about the age of 12-15 I decided to really take it all seriously myself.
I decided to BELIEVE.

And without going into all of the changes and struggles I went through, I just want to say, that after my initial testing and follow ups with my experience with prayer and fasting- along with forgiveness, and my own asking for forgiveness for wrongs I had done...

Life has never been the same.
It is far better!
MORE entertaining, full, exciting, amazing, FUN, joyful, free, miraculous and true.

It's not easy for me to share all of the changes that have happened within my self and in my life...
But it was not very easy at first to let go of my own thinking and controlling of my own life and everything around me.

You can see things more clearly when you empty yourself from your past and let go of things you hold on to.
Now I live by faith.
When I say faith, I mean life without too much thought or worry about my future.
Believing in the fact that my life means something and that I AM for a reason.

When I pray and fast now, it is not something I loathe. It is something I truly look forward to doing. And I do it on purpose not just one day of the year.

It makes things happen.
If I want a change to a situation or circumstance that I feel needs to be changed or enhanced in some way- I fast and pray.
My prayers, like vapors and wisps of thought, transform into tangible matter and become whole and *real* in the here and now in our world that we exist. I get things I need- Things I really want-People around me change- or their lives change.
If I was dealing with something that felt too ominous or oppressive to me for a long period of time, the situation would change.
Or if someone was really bothering me- harassing me or being abusive in my life, they would change, their life would dramatically change or they'd suddenly lose interest in me.
--- It is really amazing.

To best express this... Imagine a seed that turns into a large tree that bears much more fruit with many more seeds. It starts out with a DNA structure that is hard to imagine. I mean- if you never saw a tree grow from a seed, would you believe that it could?

And it keeps going- the cycle... An increase of fruit.
Faith is like that- Faith adds a spiritual DNA to your prayers or vice versa!

Well, my prayers- I now see them like seeds.
I plant my thoughts, graft my thoughts, sow my thoughts, and my heart's desires become reality.
It is REAL and AMAZING and if you have never tried it you should!

This is not about a religion- or any kind of rules.
It is about freeing yourself from pain, and despair, guilt and heartache and replacing it all with hope, faith, love, knowing and wisdom.

It works.

Now those who are Jewish, will know that me typing on the computer is not truly fasting...
It is true.

But my heart feels right, and I wanted to share.

I believe in continual forgiveness.
As well as a continual repentance.
I believe in continual introspection.
I believe in continual prayer.
I believe in believing.

Have a fun day!



3rdEyeMuse said...

what a lovely post. I was not brought up with any particular doctrine of faith in my home, so have had on again/off again searches for spirituality ... that said, my husband (non-denominational) decided he would observe Yom Kippur this year. I am certain the experience has been a real blessing for him ... I think that I may even plan a day of fasting and prayer for myself.

much love, ~M~

Sabii Wabii said...

Beautiful post Amber....

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amber!

I am enthralled to read this illuminating practical wisdom explained in such simple words.

Praying without distraction, fasting with an element of sacrifice will strengthen the will power and the power of concentration.

Every one looks towards the day of fasting with trepidation and dread and you have taken away the sting with great ease.

Praying with fasting combined with faith and belief is a magical concoction which will surely produce the desired results.

A sound, timely advice for this stressful life.

Many thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!

Jamie Noel said...


Thanks so much for sharing such a personal and beautiful insight. Very timely in this current economic crisis to refocus on things that really matter.I like how you turned something you loathed into something so meaningful and positive for you.
I believe in friendship.
I believe in creativity.
I believe in sharing.
I believe in Amber.

Jen Crossley said...

This is a very beautiful post Amber

Kai said...

I am so heart-touched by this post, Amber! Though I am Comanche, my beliefs are VERY in line with Jewish beliefs. I KNOW because my 'surrogate' parents - both now deceased - were Russian Jews, and I celebrated so many years of holidays with them. They took their beliefs very seriously, but never took THEMSELVES too seriously at all & therefore made understanding holidays such as Yom Kippur easy. In essence, they lived their beliefs; they immersed themselves in them. My people (those of us who still walk the Red Road) do the same. You are someone I'd like to really get bet acquainted with. Thank you for this lovely, insightful post!

sandee said...

Written in words far better than I could express it! But for all the reasons you mentioned, I love being a jew. I am renewed and fulfilled.

Have you ever been to Israel? I went with my husband and 3 sons this summer for my youngest son's Bar Mitzvah and had the most incredible experience of my life......

My you be inscribed in the Book of Life (with lots of exciting adventures this year!!!!!)

Kelly said...

this is a beautifully insightful and inspiring post, amber dawn. thank you sharing your love and experience with us. xo-k

Deirdra Doan said...

What a beautiful post!! Fasting and prayer with Faith has changed my life and my husbands and family's. I have found to be so true what you said on this post...How wonderful to grow up in a home that taught you this...I just knew in my heart I needed to fast when I first as an adult came back to God. I practice prayer & fasting regularly on Mondays. Much to believe for!