Thursday, August 14, 2008

~*More Charms made for the Charms 2007 swaps by, Christi Miller*~


~*Christi Miller's Etsy Shop*~

My Little Sister wanted one of Christi's zines for her b-day.

(She has wanted her own after seeing the one which I had gotten from a Gleaner Zine swap that I was in with Christi a while back.

So we picked the one she wanted off of Christi's Etsy site.

She is THRILLED with her copy! Although the price is $35.00, it is packed with adorable stationary, stickers and FUN!

Each copy comes with hand made Kawaii goodies too!

This is a fun zine for any Kawaii fan!

Thank you Christi!

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Brenda Wampler said...

Those charms that Christi made are just awesome! I am SO glad I am part of that swap! Can't wait!