Saturday, August 30, 2008

~*Last Friday*~

Last Friday-

I needed a break from my "life" so we took a ride into town to Central Park.
Oh it was gorgeous!
So alive and full of people.

Baby ducks were swimming in the pond, all fuzzy and cute! Children were running after one another, lots and lots of puppies and dogs zig zagging to and fro.
And the carnival rides were full of excited families and friends.

We ate at a small diner, nothing worth raving about.
I had some fries, and a yogurt with bottled water... I was not too hungry.

Bought a Berry Stella to try from *$s (Amber Dawn's way of saying Starbucks)

It was FULL of fiber..... Would have been better as a breakfast treat rather than an after dinner delight.

We took lots and lots of pictures...

But too many for me to edit right now.

I edited a few dozen and from those, I present the following for your viewing pleasure.
We walked around mid town and viewed the windows at Bergdorf's (I just call the store Bergies, so if I use that term, you know what I mean.--- And for future ref. Bloomies is Bloomingdales)
I digress...
The windows were full of fun treats and although I did not take pictures of all of the windows, here are a few of the scenes for you to enjoy.

This store is FULL of rich and luxurious decadence!

Although the merchandise is off the charts expensive in some areas, they do have some affordable goods for those of us who are not yet worth 7 figures.
We also visited Astoria Park both Saturday & Sunday.

Being near water/rivers calms my nerves a lot!

Altered the color on this one a bit...

This reminds me of the doorbell pull from
"Becoming Jane" the movie.

These are the closeups to the piece below.

So dark and vampy!

Central Park

The fountain by Bergies and The Plaza Hotel...
The water fall looks like gold dust twinkling at night.

Very opulent!

This is Astoria Park. The East River.
We also bowled on Sunday... First time in several years.
I actually broke 90 in my 2nd game...
Not bad for a girl who's hand was sore from playing catch
with a softball for half an hour earlier in the day!


Nancy Lynn said...

Oh to live in a big city like that. I have been fortunate to visit and enjoyed it a lot. Love the pictures a lot. Thanks for sharing Amber. Nancy

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous photos!
Sandra Evertson

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Amber!

I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the excellent photos posted by you.

Thanks for shring!

Have a good day!