Monday, June 30, 2008

~*JAMIE NOEL!*~ Have you seen her OUTSTANDING art to wear?

May I please share with you the wondrous works of the skilled and talented ~*Jamie Noel*~


~*Please visit her shop and see what she is up to!*~
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I enjoy creating unusual and unique items that have a vintage theme.
My inspiration comes from things I love…old toys and games, vintage circus and boardwalks, old books, vintage penny arcade machines, okay… basically anything old!
Things that fascinated me as a child seem to find their way into my work.
I really enjoy creating my 'interactive' pieces.
It has become a passion that consumes most of my waking hours - how to make the new design I dreamed up actually work.
Most of these pieces are created through much trial and error, (more error!), and usually I make about 4 prototypes before I have a design that I am happy with.
I want my pieces to be whimsical, fun and creative yet well designed and sturdy to bring years of enjoyment.
I hope you enjoy wearing (and playing with) my pieces as much as I love creating them!

About me:
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now live in the California foothills of "gold country". (Between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.)
I am married to a very logical and analytical husband, who deserves sainthood for putting up with my years of 'creative' housekeeping! (lots of laughter and fun, not a lot of organization or clean laundry!)
My biggest joy in life is our two teenage daughters.
I am extremely proud of what genuinely wonderful people they are.
They are also both hilarious and unique characters and they keep me laughing 24 hours a day. They are my biggest inspiration.
(Above text- from her Etsy profile)

She made the above piece as a special order.

Let her know that you saw her work on my blog!
I am such a fan of Jamie Noel.


Brenda Wampler said...

OMG! A woman after my own heart! I do solder jewelry, and have several game ones in my head, just haven't figured out all the mechanical ends of it! After seeing her work, I must get busy! It is possible! Thanks for introducing her to us.

Jessica said...

Those are amazing! Thanks for bringing her to my attention. I'm proud to be from the same area as her :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, it is all sew fashionating!

xo, Monica :)

p.s. no, no, I WANT to experience the diamond glaze.. your charm exchange pushed me to FINALLY try it. I don't normally use the shtuff and thought how fun this would be.. I';m a HUGE nut for texture, can't wait to get my grimy hands on it! -wink-

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I love her work!!!