Friday, June 06, 2008

~*Fun Times!*~

Here I am with Terri Ventura at, "The Store Across The Street"- from Tinsel Trading.
Terri invited me to come down to meet with her face to face.
I blogged about her back in April, after I saw her work at ABC Carpet in downtown Manhattan.
This photo was taken by Lisa Kettell of "The Faerie Zine" fame. This is the link to her blog so you can see the GORGEOUS class she held. I met Pamela Huntington, and the ladies of Art-Is-You were there too.
It was fun meeting everyone!
The picture here shows a pin that I made, which Terri added to her masthead... CLICK the picture to see her Flickr photostream!
Karen, one of my students from the art store I used to teach at, was also attending the class. She can be seen on Lisa's blog.
She is the cute one, wearing all black.
After we met Terri and the rest of the enchanting ladies, we browsed through Tinsel Trading . I'd never been there before!- I thought that I might have been, back in the 80s sometime, but no!

Although it was a rainy day, Cisco and I had a LOT of FUN!

We walked through Bryant park and enjoyed the trees and birds.
There were soft pretzels on the ground which were being torn apart and devoured by pigeons and sparrows. It was quite amusing to see the parent sparrows feeding the babies. They hopped back and forth, dodging the beaks of the larger birds.

By the way, should you be in the vicinity and need a restroom break- the bathroom there at the park is amazing for a public outdoor bathroom! CLASSY!

We walked up to Madison avenue for a small bite to eat.
Then we caught a taxi cab to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I have not been to for 14 years or so. (I was busy!)
What fun!
I would like to share that a couple of my own favorites to see at the museum are-
"Broken Eggs" and "Study of a Woman" by, Jean Baptiste Greuze.
The icons- wood and paint trimmed with gold- one of which- Saint Catherine of Alexandria by, Pietro Lorenzetti- I love looking at the impressions that were hammered into the wood for the ornamentation.
I cannot tell you about all of my favorites as there are just too many to list.
The Met is a WONDERFUL place to spend a few days walking around.
You cannot enjoy it all in just one day.

Distant cousins of mine own gallery space in the museum and I wanted to see how it looked after all of these years.
The American wing was being renovated, so we only got to see one of the galleries they own, which houses a panoramic view- a painting by John Vanderlyn called The Palace and Gardens of Versailles

I SO enjoyed looking at the JEWELS of France, Asia and Europe.
WOW!!! Diamonds and color galore!
It was so lovely, and a bit mind blowing to see how much detail many of the pieces contained.
May was a fabulous month!
Thank you to everyone who helped make it so!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

You are looking very bright in the photo and your dress is quite attractive. It looks like you had a very busy but enjoyable day.
Best wishes!

Jen Crossley said...

wow I wish I could go down to that shop whats it like??

dime store daze said...

It was so nice meting you and your Husband. I hope we get to meet more often , create together, & just have some laughs

faerie enchantment said...

I had lots of fun that day, so glad I got to meet you!