Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Zines, swaps, glass beads, and more.......

I have been SO busy doing it all in the past month that I have barely been online.
I bound 8 zines (3.5) yesterday, before I set up my makeshift glass bead studio in the kitchen.

The month of August was extra busy for me in that I had a house guest for the majority of the month and house guests require a lot of attention and entertaining!

Making a neatly embellished glass bead is NOT as easy as I had hoped that it would be!
I am so used to the ease of rolling a polymer clay bead into a perfectly round shape.
Rolling a glass bead into a perfectly round shape is something I will need a lot more practice with.
My interest is really not in making perfect round beads, but rather sculptural and artistically expressive pieces.
Still, it would be good to know how to master the flame and molten glass to achieve those results.

I am in full swing zine production again, I just have to wing it for issue #4 (After I finish mailing the dozens of #3.5 Bling Bling Glitz Baby copies)

I will take pictures of the beads, they have been in the kiln for a few hours and as soon as the cycle is done, I will take pictures and share my interesting trials.

Oh, I shipped all but a few of the black and whites.
Lori, Ruth and Heather, I still have yours.
You guys have the extra trade stuff that I have to include, and I plan on shipping them out before Friday.

I joined in a small project for the Enkoff family, and will be working diligently on that as well.

New charm swaps for OCT. are open for sign ups.

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P.A. GIbbons said...

looks like a lot of fun! I have no idea how it is all done.....but I imagine you will figure out how to master it in no time...you talented woman! xxpatti