Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shifting the voice of color.

I love manipulating color and light.

Here is my experimentation for the day.

I love messing with Photoshop! Hope that I didn't scare you away talking about pollution.
If you are still here, reading, the guy in the pic that I used to make the art is my best friend from HS.
*big grin*

He is the one making the AMAZING custom designed wall unit too!


Sonji Hunt said...

How funny. I found a dead mouse on the patio this morning. Well, I guess that's not funny, but just a coincidence considering your post, Amber. Love the photoshop manipulations. Are you going to make them into really tiny charms? I can't believe how small you work and the detail you include. Always amazing.

Alicia G. said...

Hi! I'm sorry to hear about the rodent problem. It's always so frustrating! Any chance you could borrow a friends cat?