Sunday, August 19, 2007

~*Black & Whites*~ ~Update!!~ Vickie Enkoff passed on.

It was a GREAT week!
Spent several days around Manhattan with my DH and Lil sis.
Took her down to China town for the first time (her and I together for the first time) ... showed her Pearl Paint.
Brought her to Herald Square for the first time.
We walked to Madison and 23rd street... Spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble a couple of days and enjoyed several of the wholesale stores.
(My first time taking her in with me)
Then Fri. We hung out with Regina for the first time since Christmas!
That was fun.
We each made some jewelry.

Spent the day *reading* in the sunlight yesterday.
That was LOVELY!
The sky was SO blue and the day, although it was warm, was very windy.
I took many pictures to share, but will post them much later.

I am now packing up the B&Ws today.

I signed online today, and learned that V died a few days ago.
The news is heartbreaking really.
She was an awesome pal to all who knew her.
I knew her well a few years back, and we talked almost daily for a while.
She was a very supportive friend to me, and kept me smiling, and I know that I did the same for her. I will miss her, I do miss her.

If you would like to send some art work, Frida Khalo work was her favorite (they were both artists with a broken body yet brilliant mind) she created a Frida type shrine days before she died. Please send your art work to celebrate the passing of Vickie to her husband-
Grady Enkoff
P.O. Box 3695,
Fontana, CA 92334
Remember to let people know how much they mean to you, they come and go pretty fast!

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P.A. GIbbons said...

Oh my....I have done business with Vickie......was she ill? I did not know anything about any of this and it is very sad.....How precious life is.

Thank you for the lovely note you wrote about my ironing blog. It touched me deeply as I know it comes from your sweet little heart.