Sunday, April 01, 2007

I will pick a winner in the evening.

Because I am still up (4am) doing my work, I am not ready to print out all of the names of entrants for the TEENY zine charm.I will get around to it Sunday evening.For the time being-Here are some metal heart charms that I made for Becky New's ARTED UP METAL CHARMS in the charms2007 ICE group.

The charms are casted, then plated (metal). I painted the bezel section of it red, waited till it was dry, then filled the interior with a mix of red glitter and Triple Thick.When it was dry, I flipped them over and applied a generous coating of Triple Thick.While it was still wet, I placed a black tin flower that I punched with a mini punch and used florists foil that I got from Gayle at a Stamper's Touch in Canada.I topped it all of with a silver star, and some glitter mix.Let it dry, and voila, a totally ROCKIN' METAL CHARM!

I also took a quick picture of the choker being worn.
The choker is NOT finished, so I used metal twist ties to hold it on while I took the picture. It is not easy taking a good picture of one's own neck without looking!


Heather! said...

I love it on the neck even more!! Thanks for posting a pic!!! Heather!!

Gypsy said...

Nice job! I love that choker!