Sunday, April 15, 2007

I watched the sun rise today. A new start each day.

Although it is raining out, it is SO nice and spring like here. (actually it is cold, I am talking about the visual look of Spring)
Flowers are blooming from bulbs, trees are budding and blooming... I've missed ~*flowers*~ and have been waiting so patiently for this season!

I watched the sun rise.

It is amazing how each day starts a new beginning. Starts out dark, ends with light, starts out light, ends with dark (whichever way you like to see it)
It makes life so much more interesting to be given a start and a finish to each day.
Speaking of new starts, I reformatted the computer (I had to, it was not working right) and lost some art files, my saved email, and a bunch of images that I wanted to post to the blog. I lost anything and everything that I did not copy/save to a disk.

I promise to post some really fun pictures soon.
It may take me a few more days to install the art programs and get the images from disk to the computer and edit them etc.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a FUN day!!!


Sonji Hunt said...

I empathize with your computer problems. The only benefit for me when I had my turn at it for about 8 months was that I got a lot more art work done. Can't wait to see pics of what you are working on. You are always so meticulous and inventive :-)

grandma said...

Amber Dawn, It is toooo bad that you lost so much of your great work. It is our loss also, so I have a very sad heart.....

Spark up, smile and have a good laugh.......and have a good day.!!!