Thursday, March 08, 2007


I will be bashing a form of poetry.
No poets were hurt during the writing of this blog.

Well, maybe just the little poet inside of me, as I forced her to face HAIKU!

The truth is, the following is NOT true Haiku, although the rhythm is the same.

Pick up the phone now
Because I am calling you
So you can talk too

I really don't know why it is. But since I was in the 3rd or 5th grade, one of those years, I was forced to write too many haiku poems.

I STRONGLY dislike it!

Do you have a favorite Haiku that may change my mind?

Recently I was invited to join a Haiku book swap.



Lisa Gallup said...

I LOVE Haiku and would be interested to know why the Haiku you posted is not "true Haiku". Is it not succinct enough - that's the only thing I can see that is wrong (too wordy). I won a book of Haiku as a 5th grader and have loved it ever since! :)

inventivesoul said...

It is not "true Haiku" in my mind because I am not really expressing a deep level of mood or imagery.

I used to write a lot about nature, world events, weather and family.

Still Waters Studio said...

I never am quite sure of the rhythm of a Haiku. I guess my talent doesn't lie in writing. I was just reading your other posts and saw that you are a Heroes fan too. I haven't missed an episode. Sounds like we will have to wait until April for a new one. We don't have cable either. I'd never get anything done if I watched tv all day, which I would probably do if I had HGTV.