Thursday, March 15, 2007

No,,, I don't want your 70??? day old batter

There is a CRAZY myth bread going around that is TOO scary for me!

It is a chain letter type thing, that actually involves cooking.
Hemin bread, is what this stuff is, is more like a science experiment if you ask me!!!
The roots of the bread were said to be from the Vatican, but from what I have learned it is an Amish custom that someone thought would be fun to convert to another religion!
(what's new in the world?)
My landlord was at my door holding a slice of Padre Pio bread....She believed it would bring our house "luck"
She wouldn't leave until I tasted it... I did not swallow it though!~!!
*ugh* I couldn't swallow it, the "bread" that is.
So here I am after washing my mouth out with *salt*


Everyone, passes their starter on, and it this can be over 200 or more days old, eggs, milk, and sugar!!!!!!!!
*(does centers for disease control know about this? How about the food and drug administration?)*

Well, the dough itself, is passed on to someone else, and then they use it to grow MORE of the moldy bread.


Please if you are the victim of this, just throw the stuff out.
IT IS NOT HEALTHY and if you are really a believer in spiritual matters then eating old moldy bread batter is NOT going to bring you good luck.
It is fermented gross batter.... THROW IT AWAY!

Say a prayer for yourself instead!


sue said...

LOL-in this neck of the woods, it's called friendship bread, if I remember right. We had it going about 10 years ago for awhile until I finally tossed it-you can only make so much of that stuff and it just keeps growing & growing. But none of us got sick from it, which is amazing now that I think about it!

Michelle Johnson said...

You are so funny. I have had this bread before and have even been involved in the "passing" on of it. Oh well, I didn't die. Now Taco Bell is another matter.