Monday, March 05, 2007

Just finished gluing on 22 labels to parcels I have to ship @ 2:30 pm today.
While I did that-
Was watching Queer Eye for the straight guy, and saw they were making over someone I knew in H.S.


Philip Rojas, was being featured and it was *SO* much fun for me to see him.

He went to the same college as my husband, and in HS they looked like they could have been brothers.
The last time I saw him was at Lincoln Center at their College Graduation. (1997?)

I love his hot car! WOW!
I didn't see it really well though I was too distracted with what I was doing!
A Mustang?
This was the episode with the guy from Brooklyn and he had a knee injury,,, I didn't see the show from the start, so I do not even know what happened to him.) :o(

Anyway, Phil aka PR PR (YinYangStyle )if you happen upon this post... just know I think you look great, and you are still as sweet as ever.

Hey! I too am on TV, although I don't have cable so I cannot even see myself on it.

So, I gotta go. I don't even have this time to spare!

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