Thursday, September 01, 2011

I want to blog but I am so busy that I'll just be sharing some really random thoughts and facts about my week so far...

The following is a compilation of blogging prompts that have been accumulating.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~* RANDOM *~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I ~L*O*V*E~ sincere and honest people!
They have my utmost respect!
It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be straightforward! 
It's nice to watch other people being admired for being honest and credible!
They can change an atmosphere and lighten the hearts of others or correct a situation with words, inspiring action.
My kind of people!
I was admiring the work of a local florist/artist last night.
Nature is naturally beautiful, yes, but to be able to arrange it
and manipulate it to create a statement or sculpture always impresses me.
My husband installed a cool wooden art cabinet that he created.
He inspires me!
He's an amazing human being! 
I love working, I love completing projects, I love being creative!

There is a question that I, and most artists, are faced with each time we create something wonderful, "Should I keep it or let it go?

That goes for our arsenal of supplies as well!
Art is subjective.
We love it, some question it, some even analyze it.
Some people who question art and the motives of artists often seek answers that sometimes don't even amount to much.
"Why did that artist put that there, what was the meaning of the placement?"
I'll be honest with you, some artists don't think about WHY they are putting something in a specific place, other than the fact that it suits them to do so because they find it visually pleasing.  >.<
Art has a value.
Each piece, is a recording of time, history, emotion, inspiration, thoughts and ideas.
I've been=
Designing hardware for a purse line.
Some art, may not necessarily be the type of work that strikes a chord within my heart but I still find it amazing.

Last night I was admiring the work of a young H.S. student, who put together a really spooky Halloween scene within a "carved out" plastic pumpkin, which will be for sale at a store.
It was so well done. It was like a miniature movie set or stage scene which was intricately arranged. Someone will be buying it and feeling the warm fuzies inside. >.<
Irene was a "mild" hurricane by the time it reached my city, but fierce enough that the trees in our town suffered a bit.
I'm very glad that the storm was not as vicious as was anticipated. So very thankful that we were spared.
The birds outside my window keep losing their babies each time we have a heavy rain storm. 
Yet, they continue on and on, they keep trying, building or repairing nest after nest... 
They both pitch in. The birds work so hard. I listen to them "talking" to each other. Sometimes they sound like they are annoyed at each other. Sometimes it sounds as if they are complaining about us turning the light on in the middle of the night.
Most of the time they are really affectionate towards one another. I like them.

Sept 17th is the reveal date for the Bead Soup Blog Party! 
I'm not experienced with working with the color palette that I was sent so I'll be having fun rising to the challenge!!!
I hope that you have a great weekend!


Coleen said...

Keep all your art, in the form of a photograph. Then bless others by selling or giving it away.

I"m your newest follower. Hope you'll follow me back. That helps me stay connected.

Coleen, An American in Ukraine

Createology said...

I love this post of random thoughts and ideas. Thankful you were spared the worst of Irene. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

GillyBean said...

Excellent post! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has such random

I'm glad you were spared when Irene went through.

I hope the birds hard work pays off for them soon. There are so many lessons we can learn from nature.

Sept 17th! Yikes!

Have a great Labour Day Weekend.

~<3 GillyBean.

Pretty Things said...

Love your post -- it came at a timely moment for me.

Coleen said...

Amber, thanks for following on my blog so now we are both following each other. Just coming by to see "wassup!" Hope you are having a good day.

Coleen in Ukraine