Friday, September 16, 2011

Bead soup- COMING SOON!

I am still simmering my pot!
(Of bead soup.)
Come back with a bowl, fork, spoon and even a knife too.

OK- it's almost 1AM here in NYC-
I am hoping to post by 3AM or sooner!
If you are passing through, COME BACK!
You wont want to miss mine!
It's totally HAUTE & Gourmet!

Yum yum!


Colleen said...

ok crazy artist in NYC...I'm down the jersey shore...1:16 here....good to see our creative energy up so late...i need to see "some Amber Dawn Art"...I miss you man! love Colleen

Boot ~C said...

well chicks, I am right here w/ you, I'm taking a break from finishing here in Oklahoma @1:39 my time!So eciting, right now every post showing up on my Reader is about the SOUP!See you in the daylight hours, back to the bead table ;)