Friday, April 29, 2011

#7 WINS! #4 WINS too! Would you like to enter a drawing for one of my artsy miniature (flat back) clown sculptures?

#4 & #7 win!

The Painted Nest- Deb & Barbara.


I'll be giving away a couple of my tiny clowns!

 They are flat on the back. These are "half" clowns. They can be used to make a charm, displayed as they are or used to decorate something.
Handmade from custom blended polymer clay. See the photo above to 
realize the scale. That is my pinky nail it is sitting on. (Us Americans use, "pinky", to describe the smallest finger on the hand)

Leave a comment to be entered to win! (To leave a comment, you click on "Post a Comment," if you ar first, or the word "Comments," directly below this post. You will see an option to choose your ID. If you do not have a blog, just choose anonymous but leave your name and if you don't mind it being public, your website or email address so I can contact you. All winners have 7 days to claim their prize(es). So Do check back on Sunday to see if you've won!


moonlitfantaseas said...

your clowns are so cute!

A Life Made By Hand said...

such lovely and precise work. I'd love to own one! And thanks to Barbe Saint John for directing me to a new blog for my "favorites" list.

Anonymous said...

I want one! I love your clowns!

The Painted Nest said...

I'd love one of these little works of art!!~~I love your work!!~~Itty,bitty, Pretty!!~~Deb.

Jean said...

Your work is Great! I would love to win one of your gifties!! I was wondering too, do you do custom orders? I am needeing something special and i have the design in my head, just not good at clay! LOL

Anonymous said...

They're cute!
----Cres Gandall

Barbara said...

I tried three times to leave a comment...and it just keeps posting...comment cannot be left at this now i'm copy and pasting...and hopefully it KNOW i love your sweet ya...and i don't know how i missed this...thinking that my fb gets so flooded with kid clothes...selling...(she hangs her head...) :(

gill said...

Count me in - these are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

is it too late to enter? for some reason my ditzy self got confused and thought it was a comment on FB...LOL
hugs!! Hope Clinchot (VA)

Pat Winter said...

First of all Amber Dawn, We all LOVE your work and wish we had your talent. Secondly, I don't enter giveaways too often because I am too spoiled by friends and feel like a glutton if I win. I feel if I don't enter, it is a better chance for someone else who may not be having a great day to win. So young lady, although I don't enter and sometimes don't have time to are in my radar and thoughts always!!!
Hugs and smiles,