Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amber Dawn's ultra quick YouTube demo/tutorial, how to make a polymer face cane.

The silent version.
No music, a bit longer and High Def.
In honor of International Charm Day, in the spirit of sharing, I created a short video.
A demonstration/tutorial on how I create face canes out of polymer clay.

Even if you are not interested in working with polymer clay you can view this video to get a sense of what I do, some of the steps I take order to create some of my work.

Here is the link to see it on YouTube.

Share the link with anyone you think might enjoy watching and be sure to see my other videos too! They are MUCH better than this one! (this is my first tutorial and will rig the camera more stably next time!)

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Candace said...

Amber, your video is fascinating. I have been admiring your gorgeous miniatures since you've been showing them and I am looking forward to seeing the video on the cupcakes. Big hugs, Candace W.