Sunday, April 25, 2010

So here are some of my LOST (the show) thoughts...

OK, for starters...
Desmond slams him with the car and sends John flying through the air, why would he do that?
Well, I for one believe that it is so that Jack would finally operate on him and help him walk again so that he could marry Helen.

John wasn't able to partake in a "walkabout" in Australia hunting wild animals, but on the "Island" he was walking and hunting and living the life he dreamed of.

Jin and Sun, they wanted to both break free from their ties to South Korea and start a life of their own in America.
On the Island, they were both able to speak English and share the Western culture... Thus becoming "Americanized" and now ready to live apart from Sun's father's ominous shadow.

Claire learned what a life without Aaron would be like.
It was miserable for her, she lost her mind. So it's better that she keep Aaron and raise him herself.
Now we may learn that she can afford to keep him if her father left her any money...?

Kate proved that she wasn't a killer. That girl has held a gun through most of the show and not once has she killed anyone.

Juliet will probably surface somehow in one of the scenes at the close of the show showing that she and Sawyer are together again.
Maybe Jack and Kate will meet?
Maybe they will leave that as a dangling mystery?

We see how Ben, without the misery of growing up on the island is for the most part a supportive and reasonable man who really has the best interest of others in mind.

All I see is that each one of the stories of each one of the characters revolves around *LOVE*
Family love, love of self and the love of life.
All that seems to matter in each one of their stories is how they will find that love and hold on to it.
I have more ideas, but I'll just have to wait and see...

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Tina Holden said...

Just discovered your notes about LOST. I love that show even though it drives my husband insane, lol. He tolerates me watching it even if it means missing "Fight Night".
You have it all figured out really well Amber, except I believe that Sawyer and Kate "Freckles" may get back together again. He's always been really selfish and a loner, but Juliet taught him otherwise. He's become very protective of Kate. I see an attraction between those two. She didn't just come back to find Claire, she came back to find Sawyer.
What about Hugo? have you figured him out yet?