Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A good tip to making lots of sales...

If I've learned anything worthwhile about selling my art work in the past, that you might benefit from-
If you see someone REALLY loves something you made, their face lights up beyond compare or they stare in wonder and you see that they cannot afford it, LOWER YOUR PRICE. Better to sell something to someone who will appreciate your time and hard work. Your materials are always replaceable, your talent will be with you for life... Touching another person with your talent, generosity and kindness will bring you GREAT rewards afterwards.
Making a sale is easy if you are talented and make good work. Making someone happy each time they look at your work is PRICELESS!

Always make your work well.
Make your work sturdy.
Keep your work free of terrible smells.
Price your work at a price that *YOU* would be *HAPPY* to pay if you were the customer. If *YOU* wouldn't pay what you are charging, why should someone else?
Sell what you love. Be brave and enjoy selling your work at affordable prices. You will sell more in the long run, if your work is made well, interesting and good.

I am always happier after a sale if I sold my work to a happy customer. The money on it's own, never makes me happy. I feel nothing from the money at all. A happy and friendly customer is what I will keep with me. And it will keep them coming back or sending their friends and family to you as well.
A good word from the right person is all it will take to make you popular in the ring of sales.

And remember, for those that may be desperate to make money to pay bills and feed the family... Keeping prices too high to compensate will only keep customers away.
To reap more, be more generous!
It's a law of nature, the more you give, the more you get!

I am THANKFUL for so many good and talented online connections!
Happy Holidays all!


Pixie said...

thanks for those wise words and happy holidays to you too!

Dale said...

There are many people here around Seoul who make 'handmade jewelry'. There is no heart or soul in any of these pieces, just cheap mass produced gluegun work. It is good to remember the intrinsic value of creating jewelry, as well as the monetary value.

Becky New said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for the reminders and GOOD advice!

Pretty Things said...

My lampwork bead bracelets aren't priced nearly what they should be (the beads and the silver I use are really expensive) but I'd rather more people were able to have them, and be able to make more of them, than to have them sit around here longer.

And I do give customer discounts at shows -- anyone who has purchased from me and gets on my mailing or email list from then on gets 10% off all subsequent craft show purchases. It all works and my sales are always great.

Createology said...

I completely agree with your wanting a happy satisfied customer rather than a ton of money for what you make. We value ourselves by the friends we have not the money in our bank accounts. May you have wonderful holidays.