Thursday, August 13, 2009

Have you ever gone WAY back and found the roots to your roots?

I've often been very curious why certain people and I are connected in profound ways.
Why I can feel their energy from across vast expanses of land or even across large bodies of water.

I just feel connected.

One day, while I was sitting alone thinking about my own family history and wondering how possible it would be for me to share common ancestors with these specific people I started to doodle.

I then started doing a math and visual calculation of how many people had to get married or have an affair in order for my life to be here at this very moment.

What I came up with, if in fact it is accurate, was amazing to me.

It took me some time to think it through, but what I discovered (as I said before, if I did this right) is that 21 generations ago, I had great/x19 (ex. great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great) grandparents- that were made up of 2,097,152 people...

1,048.576 boys/men and 1,048,576 girls/woman.

That is to say that it took, 20-21 generations ago, TWO MILLION NINETY SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO people to get together and have babies that would then get together and have their own babies and so on, to make *ME*.

If you had that many people *21* generations ago, getting together from all over the land/world, how possible is it then that many of us in fact do share more than one common ancestor(s)?

Now here is the brain buster.
That was just the number of people that had to get together 21 generations before me.
But now consider the fact that those people had children and their children had children and those- continue on for 20 generations... you add those all up because they are your great x20, x19, x18..... all the way down to the third generation right before you (your own grand parents which are just 4 people and your own parents which are 2 people)...and if I haven't lost your attention, and if I am being clear about this... listen to this!-
You have(((Only doing this starting from the people in your family tree going back just 21 generations)))
FOUR MILLION ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND TWO people all getting into a relationship of some sort who then became YOUR BLOOD FAMILY.!!!!!! And that does not include the brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles. This is just you, your parents, your parents' parents and their parents' parents etc.
4,194,302 people made you... ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE made ~*YOU*~ That is 2,097,151 joint couples, joint hearts, joined bodies to make ~*YOU!*~

Just an interesting fact I came up with last year which I found in a pile of papers I was just cleaning up right now. (I can throw this paper in the trash now!)

So now, it's a bit more clear, my life that is, that no matter who I am next to on line, in a theater, at a store, any place I am... I am usually as kind to that person as I would be to my own family.
Because in my heart and mind I am convinced that somewhere down the line, we are related. If not actually by blood, we have shared ancestors that may have been best friends growing up, special people who cared for each other in old age, team mates, friends in battle, their ancestor might have saved mine at some point.
The picture is so deep and so beautiful and so amazing that I really have no words to describe the depth that I feel within my own heart.

It's just amazing.

(((Feel free to correct me if I have made any errors! If you figured this out in a better way than I have, please let me know.
Also spelling corrections would help too if you have found any.)))


LindaGJ said...

Awesome post! I was adopted so no telling who is related to me!!! I do believe in soul spiritual families and who you meet is no coincedence. I wish I could see my bio Family Tree. It's all so mysterious when you are adopted! Loved your post!
Linda :)

Debi Minter from WY said...

WoW Amber! What a cool post. My first thought when I started reading this is that you have WAAaayyy too much time on your hands. By the time I got to the end of your post I had tears in my eyes. Hmmnnnm, makes you stop and really THINK about who your NEIGHBOR is, huh?

lilibulle said...

amber.. your doodling is so you do that each time?? LOl.. what a lot of milion, bilions and rebe(i)lions.. LOL!!!
i 'm joking but in fact it's very very clever!! I 'm like you, always thinking about the ancestors.. and why, what , how.. but !! thaks my god.. i hate maths!!! héhéhé.. I think sometimes about this blood, my blood, who live over. well, i'm in france, borned here but my parents come from spain, and i know that an old great great oncle made his life in argentina.. so in the other side of the word.. my blood lives too... the same name too.. it' s so strange..

Sabii Wabii said...

Hmmm we all began with just two, so that does make us all related!
Love your numbers. I just finished doing very late taxes! I hate numbers!!!They make my head hurt. Unless they are all in different colors and different fonts.

lindacreates said...

That is pretty amazing!!!! I bet we are related in one way or another. That would be pretty cool, cause I would love to have you as a relative!

Dawn said...

It is amazing when you think about it. I have been researching the family tree for a long time and got back to 1725 on my husbands side - that is his 7x great grandparents. From that I have 1800 people on the tree and I don't have everyone. Facebook has helped me to connect to so many more Hornigolds (the family name before the Horni bit was dropped) and it is so exciting.
It's a small world -well smaller than we think actually in terms of who we could be related to - THANKS for sharing the numbers I am terrible at maths it gives me a headache so you prevented this girl from suffering today xxxx

3rdEyeMuse said...

ouch ... quit it.

jk. :)