Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~*Pleasant Day!*~

I had a most excellent day today (23rd).
I heard from an old HS friend who travelled the world and took my art with him... So now I can add Iceland and Morocco (Africa!) to my list of countries and continents that my art work has "lived" or passed through.

My sister and I had a lovely time in Manhattan with Ann Marie of Heart's Desire Jewelry and her friend Lea of LAdesigns.
We shared an adventure, looking through bins of old vintage jewelry goodies!
I found some fun things to make some charms with.

~*Thank you to everyone who made my day super sweet and bright!*~

(((Connie/Chetta- I found something so cool for you today!!!)))


Connie said...

oh boy oh boy.......i an excited!
...glad to here you had such a great day!

3rdEyeMuse said...

how cool is that, lil Miss International?!? Wicked Cool, I'd say.

glad you had such a wonderful 23rd ... here's to lots more of the same. :)