Sunday, June 28, 2009

I will pick a name from the comments section on TUESDAY for the post below...

Please feel free to leave a comment mentioning a memorable miracle in your lifetime.
You have until Tuesday evening to share!

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Patti Gibbons said...

What started my believing in someone greater than myself again..was the time when I was supposed to go to Germany to accompany my art to a show in Cologne. I had my heart set on it.
I studied German for months, and was finding a place to stay and started looking for cheap flights.

Then administrators in my school turned down my request for a week without pay, because the "students needed me" and I was bitterly crushed for several days. Angry. Felt vindictive. It was a horrid crushing defeat I felt...another great disappointment in my life. I wanted to quit art any time anything good was about to happen, something ruined the possibility of me having success.

Then I got the phone call from my daughter from Iraq. The exact days that I would have been in Germany were the days they were giving her a furlough home to NY from the war zone.

At that moment I knew that it was a little miracle, the work of God, and I NEVER EVER forgot it and it changed my life forever.

Now when things happen, or don't go my way, I know that there is a lesson and a reason for all if it.

Thanks Ms. Amber Dawn!

Dale said...

A memorable miracle in my life...

The birth of my cousin Trey. My aunt was 50 years old when she had her first child. My aunt and uncle had prayed so for a child to bless their happy home. Trey was born about 4 years ago now, and is happy and healthy in his home with two loving parents.

quiltcrazygal said...

Such inspirational stories, I love reading them. It gives us hope, faith and an understanding that everything happens for a reason. Last summer something unbelievable happened to our family. My husband's family has a dairy and grain farm in Ohio. They are a very close family and everyone does their part to keep things going. My Father-In-Law is 78 years old and still likes to help out in anyway he can. You will never see him in a rocking chair:) The weather was starting to turn and a small field of hay needed mowing. FIL thought he could be of great help by getting it mowed while the boys were at work. It was hot, very hot and being diabetic with a heart condition can make things very difficult in the humidity. To this day, he does not recall how it all happened, but he remembers something was wrong with the haybine, so he climbed down off the tractor and fixed the problem. The next thing he knew, the tractor jumped into gear and ran over him, head to toe. A neighbor found him and help arrived at the scene. He was flown to the hospital and we all gathered by his side. When my husband and I walked in the room, he knew who we were and wanted to talk about the tractor and haybine. I felt in my heart he was going to make it, God had a plan and it was for him to stay with us. The nurse in the trama unit told us that very few patients are lucky enough to walk away, but she could tell he was a fighter. As the weeks passed by, I witnessed the most astonishing miracle I have ever seen. This 78 year old man's body healed so quickly. His spirit was positive and two weeks to the day of the accident he came home. He suffered some broken ribs, a broken foot, a few minor internal injuries and damage to his eardrum. No long-term injuries, no damage to his brain. You could see exactly where the tire had traveled on his body and to think today he looks and feels good. God Blessed our family and we are all so thankful for this memoriable miracle.

June said...

These are amazing stories that give hope and strengthen faith. Thanks for sharing them for us to read. And Amber thanks for the prompt it makes wonderful reading.

I am also one who has been blessed with more than one miracle. I have recently been blessed twice (very recently ) but i will tell you about the first time.
2005 November we had a new grandson born. He was named Jacob and we were all thrilled. He was doing fine until Christmas Eve when he was just five weeks old. My son telephoned me to say that Jake had stopped breathing and that they were at the hospital and he was really shaken. We rushed to the hospital too and the scene that greeted us was one i shall never forget. Dave and his wife Gemma were distraught as their little baby was on a hospital table with many nurses and doctors around him just trying to keep him breathing, the equipment was not for children so everything they did was difficult and i remember looking at his little white naked body lying there with all of them trying to keep him going. They were brilliant but had called another hospital baby team (40 miles away )and they just managed the best they could until the crash team arrived. The new team had specialist equipment and began to take over. The worst thing of all though was that they told us to follow the ambulance but they did not expect Jake to survive. We followed. He was still alive when we got there and he was taken into specialist care and they placed him on machines to help him breathe. We spent many hours while they told us that two thirds of his lungs were compacted. He had pnuemonia and there was no warning at all.
Eventually we were sent home with little hope except that he was alive.
Christmas day we went to church with my other son and his tiny baby who was just one month older than his cousin jake. we held him and each other and the whole church prayed for Jacob.
Meanwhile Dave and Gemma were with Jacob and they were watching over hime when two little girls dressed as angels came in to the ICU room and smiled at them. Gemma smiled back and she swears she knew they were sent by God to give them hope.

Jacob got stronger each day after that and two weeks later, I held him in my arms at the hospital, i cried when i felt his tiny soft breath in my face ...he was breathing on his own again.

On saturday i babysat the children this week and put Jake to bed, he is now 3 and a half years old and a beautiful tough little miracle.

Pretty Things said...

The most memorable miracle is my son. He was created out of love and the most incredible science out there. Here he is, only a few cells, with his twin. His twin unfortunately didn't make it, but Zack lives as a true testimony to miracles.

here he is

dot said...

That I am two years free of throat cancer isn't as a big a miracle as that my husband of only six months when I was diagnosed has stayed beside me through some awful treatments and near death moments. He might have just walked away when i was diagnosed (this wasn't the package he bargained for)or said goodbye once i recovered because this cancer has profoundly changed how we can live our lives. But he did not. He is my hero. The other big miracle is that I was treated by not one but two doctors who were ex-students of mine.

Joanie Hoffman said...

A minor miracle, but it was all I needed: on the last day of a family vacation, years ago when my son was small, I woke up with a horrible, ugly migraine headache. I said a little prayer and asked if the headache could be taken away just until we got home. I wanted the last day of vacation to be good for all if us with no worries. My headache did go away until after we had been home for a short while. Power of suggestion, maybe, but I like to think it's a matter of faith.
p.s. Happy Birthday! The charms are great.

Joanie Hoffman said...

I'm a goose. I meant "Happy Unbirthday" and the charms are still great.