Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$$ ~*Lady K*~ opened another online shopping venue! $$

I was happy to see that Lady K., AKA Karen L., opened another shop to peddle her vintage goodies. I've been a happy customer of hers for almost a decade!

She sells so many retro components that are either hard to find or just too cool to pass up.

If you are looking for something classy, jazzy, or just plain novel, check out her sales.
Many items that were made in the 1980s for that magical time in history can be found in her virtual warehouse too!

Oh and did I mention? Her prices are pretty good!

It might make her smile!

She also sells on Etsy and has a broader selection for you to browse through there-

And if you want, check out her blog too!

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Lady K Jewels said...

Fabulous blog Amber and love the charms. Thank you for introducing LadyK Jewels to your followers. I'm at your service and would love to see what designs folks come up with using my products. Cheers everyone!

Karen (LadyK Jewels)