Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TAG! ~*I'm it!*~

I've Been Tagged
I must share six quirky facts about myself
and tag six of my blog friends!
Thanks, JoAnnA of Mosshill for the task!
Here are the official rules…
Link to the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules.
Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular
details about yourself.
Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
Go to each person’s blog
and leave a comment that lets them know
that they too are now tagged, and given this same task!

~*6*~ things about me, that no one really knows about my life/past-
I promise that they are quirky, boring or unspectacular!

and involves shameless name dropping of other people-

#1- You already know my name is Amber.
But what you don't know is that while in HS,
I was ~*playfully*~ teased by another Amber
who would roll her eyes or give me a crooked
smile when we would pass in the hallway.
Her deal was that she was no longer "unique"
as Amber was not too popular a name yet.
She was really pretty and sweet. And I
actually didn't mind it, being teased over
something so trivial!
She is going by the stage name Maude Maggert now,
and is Fionna Apple's older sister.
I guess she REALLY wanted a name that would
make her unique! I kept my name!


#2- I just took a shower.


#3- I can change my emotions in an instant to fit circumstances based on rational thinking.

#4- One of my interests is guessing where people are from, just by looking at them or listening

to them talk.


#5- I have to start selling my art and supplies soon.
I've not sold anything in a LONG time. I prefer giving gifts, charity and swaps... But the $$$ thing going on around here is not too good.

#6- I learned from Nina Bagely a while back that she says her name like 9-a (Nine-a not Neena).

That's that!
Boring, unspectacular and quirky!

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