Friday, November 21, 2008

A SPECIAL THINK PINK AUCTION IS UP! Please advertise for us!

Starting Bid- $9.99 USD

Handling fee- $5.00 (includes fees for the listing, final listing fees and shipping insurance in the USA which is not optional.)

Shipping fee varies depending on final destination!
Will ship to USA, Canada, OZ, NZ and Europe

Front View

Back view

The featured artists are, listed counter clockwise, starting from the clasp charm dangle...

Elizabeth Woodford- A rolled paper text bead painted, glazed and embellished with AB pink wired glass bead droplets.

Donna Barnitz- A silvery soldered cabachon drop with an image of pink rose beneath.

Erica Faith- A painted and glittered wooden disk, front and back with tiny thread appliques and Swarovski crystal centers.

Amber Dawn- A miniature plastic baby bottle, internally embellished with the same velvety trim used to make the necklace/wrist cuff. Atop the charm is a Chaton Rose with "Micro Beedz" with the words "Wonder", "Mystery" and "Explore" glazed to the front.

Patricia Winter- A miniature crazy quilt, hand stitched, and florally embroidered with her very own beautiful and rich hand dyed silk ribbon. The image she used is a child with lovely glittered fairy,wings.The embellishments in this piece include some of the smallest pink seed beads you might ever see in your life along with an adorable flower sequin. Pat added a small metal charm whic says "Imagine" to the lower right hand side, and that is wired with a pink and red glass flower bead and topped with small seed beads.

Monica Magness- A miniature faux canvas featuring a bare chested diva striking a shy pose. Monica added very small text onto the bottom of this charm with a tiffany set chaton rose rhinestone capping it off. One of the words on this piece is "Imagine". The sides are sparkling with glitter and the piece is glazed nice and shiny!


Michelle Walker- A dazzling holographic pink drop with faceted beads nestled within. When the light hits it, it really shines a lot. Michelle painted the glitter mixture on the larger bead herself.

The body of the necklace is made of a velvety ribbon which has been doubled up so that the back sode which touches the skin is also velvety soft.

There is a length of pink lace trim sewn on for added texture. 2 matching thread appliques are added along with Swarovski crystal center.

There are 22 tiny pink floral sequins mounted onto a deeper pink metallic round faceted sequins sewn along the edge. Each one is topped of with a real silver plated glass faceted bead.
The two silver and pink rhinestone end beads were donated by Orla Swift.

The chain used is not real silver, but is silver tone and a barrel clasp completes the chain.


Alma Stoller said...

beautiful piece.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Amber, BEAUTIFUL job grrl!

Great looking listing, I just pimped out the link! Haven't been online till today so thanks for note.. :)

Here's to BIG bids!!!
Happy Thanksgiving chica, me

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

p.s. I'm sending the auction link to friends too!

Dale said...

I just discovered your blog through the link from Kelly Snelling's blog (soul humming), and i think your blog is really great :). I am especially impressed by the fabulous project you guys are doing, selling such a gorgeous necklace. Wonderful work ladies! I hope you make a lot of money for research from this! It's beautiful. I'd bid on it myself if i wasn't moving.

Dale said...

Thank you so much for your enormously helpful comment, Amber! I really appreciate your tips. I copied them from the coments section and added them to the 'tips' post.

Thanks, and good luck again.

Mountain Salt Studio said...

Soo sweet and thanks for including close up photos so we could really see how delicate and lovely it is.


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Amber :)

WOW! Gorgeous pieces of intricate design.

Owner's pride, Neighbor's envy.

I am amazed at the enormous amount of planning and hard work that has gone into each of these magnificent,mindblowing ornamental jewellery.

I am absolutely confident people will love to wear them and show off with great elan.

Many,many thanks for sharing.

Best wishes :)

Artastics said...

Hi Amber, I am Awarding you the Butterfly Award for your website. Please, pick-up the image on my Blog. Jan

Elizabeth said...

Amber! you did a fabulous job putting this piece together, with your signature wonderful attention to detail and all of the special touches!! thanks for letting me know about it and thank you for including my charm. I am honored to ahve my art included amoungst all of the other beautiful pieces!!!!

Talking Horses Arts said...

Just now found your's just awesome pretty..thanks sooooo much for sharing!

Leslie Anderson said...

Your necklace is just beautiful. Gorgeous charms!