Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black and Whites - One swappers reaction-

I just received my package of charms
from the Black and White Swap in the mail
today, and all I can say is OMG! -
Oh My God!
They are the most beautiful!
It nearly brought tears to my eyes!
Now, don't laugh,
but I have participated in a few swaps in
the past,and am more times than not
but this is truly wonderful.
I can not thank Amber enough for hosting such
a spectacular event,
with astonishing results.
So, I say THANK YOU Amber and
THANK YOU ladies for all your
outstanding work!
I will try to create a bracelet that will do the
charms justice!
Brenda Wampler
P.S. Now, I may have to go back and redo
the charms I made for some of
Amber's other swaps, don't know if they
will meet these standards you
ladies have set so highly!

You can view the charms she has posted to her blog here-
Memories and Treasures

The swap did not go so well from my point of view
with nearly *HALF* of the people signed up,
dropping out or sending unswappable quality items.
A few sent me charms with no packaging or ID.
Several broke the rules of NO COLOR... I guess if I want
to do this again, I will have to be prepared.

I had to mix two black and white swaps that I was hosting at
the same time to get just 17 charm swappers!
6 of which only made 8 pieces for their swap.
So I was not able to keep one of each myself.

In case anyone who sent in 25 pieces wonders why so many of
your own were returned that is why. 8 people were sent back
13 or more of their own.

Thank you VERY much to everyone who followed through
while following the swap guidelines.
You helped to make this a LOT OF FUN for some very nice people!



3rdEyeMuse said...

what an absolutely lovely response - has to make up at least a tiny bit for you having to work so darned hard to get this one pulled off.

I, too, was really thrilled by the little treasures that I received & will definitely participate again in the future (following the rules to a "t" next time, too).

Thanks for hosting the swap, Charm-Goddess-Amber-Dawn!

Joseph Pulikotil said...


You have an amirable quality to make people happy which is very rare in this world.

Wish you all joy and happiness in whatever you do!