Saturday, November 03, 2007

I've been busy with my hands and eyes.

I have not been expressing my self through blogging much lately.
Rather, I have been creating and thinking... A LOT ... and thanks to ~*Suzanne*~ I am even more busy with my hands making simple pretty things... Eye candy galore!
FUN FUN FUN... DH is delighted at the collection building up on the piano.
It looks pretty!

Halloween was kinda cute this year. I wasn't around the whole night, but for the time that I was it was sweet.

Many of the kids just wore their own clothes though.

One little girl said to me (while I offered her a choice from an array of goodies on a tray), "I like the way you think!"
That was so cute! She looked like she was in the 3rd or 4th grade...
I offered rhinestone stud earrings, movable jointed animal rings (metal cast), lollipops, vellum quotes, the new Ferrero Rocher dark chocolate truffle "bon bons"..(YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!!) and tons of other boxed candy treats left by the landlord to hand out.

It was cute to hear kids walk away saying "wow this is the coolest!"
That made my night!

For me, the fun is in the sharing, giving, socializing an' meeting of neighbors.
I look at it all as a way to reach out an' make people smile.

It was a success!

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