Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~*Giving Thanks*~

Thank you!

To all of you who have made my face light up with a smile this year.
To you who have put a smile in my heart.

Thank you to the people who shine and give the world a better feeling each day.
Who make living just a bit more fun and happy

Thanks to those who keep the spirit of the holidays all year round.

As I mentioned before, I am very thankful for my friends and family.
Right now, I am sitting here in a virtual nest of art. Surrounded by a sea of miniature compositions.

I am sorting through the current exchanges that I am hosting and it just feels SO GOOD looking at all of the cool art work that has been sent in.
Some of the artists that join in are so full of great ideas!
What fun!

To all of you from the States, Wishing you a Happy and Healthy holiday!



Sassy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

suzi finer said...

...and I'm thankful for Amber Dawn!

Linda Lynch said...

Thank you Amber! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

suzi finer said...

Thank you...for being the amazingly creative generous artist that you are.

Susan Williamson said...

Such a cool sitting in a virtual nest of art!