Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Realistic POLYMER CLAY Miniature Slices of Cake -CHARMS for jewelry!

Made entirely of polymer clay!
I create these charms by hand. 
Each piece takes days to make!


Peggy said...

Hi Amber! Hey, is there any place I can buy something of yours? An etsy shop maybe? I still have and cherish the cupcakes you made, on display under a beautiful butterfly-shaped magnifying lens!

Maybe we could swap for glass?


Beverly said...

Great work! These look so real and absolutely delicious! Now I very much need a slice of cake!

Elizabeth S said...

Hello Amber Dawn! This has to be the most authentic looking collection of decorated cakes that I have ever seen in miniature! These look like the kind of cakes that were loaded with frosting and sugared roses from the local bakery when I was growing up through the 60's and the 80's! Now this is what I call CAKE!
Yummy work and Lovely to look at.