Saturday, April 28, 2012


The celebration will last ALL week! Scroll through the posts each day to find new posts, links, sales, giveaways and eye candy!
Remember to scroll through the page so you do not miss any of the individual posts!!!
There are some nice discount codes posted - good for TODAY only and there will be a $50. gift certificate giveaway tied in to one of those offers as well.... :) Head on over and check it out! I will be posting my own charms and giveaways this coming week. The celebration ends May 6th so be sure to visit back each day to enter the jewelry and charm giveaways!
:) I hope you have a fun and happy Handmade Art Charm Day today!

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Christine Hansen said...

Dear Sweet Amber - You are such an essential and inspiring member of the art charm community, and I am so grateful that art charms brought you and your friendship into my life. (grin) Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful day and week of celebration! I'm looking forward to checking out all of the other Charm Day participants' blogs - it's going to be a GREAT week for eye candy!

I wasn't able to get my post up yesterday - but it's up now, and I'm giving away five of my mixed media art charms. Here's the link:

xoxo, c