Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miniature Pop-Up Book Samplers~*Charms*~

Hello! I joined a miniature pop-up book charm swap and it was a fun one for me!

Here is a sampler mini pop-up book.

I used random scraps of leather for the covers, with hemp cord and Amethyst Iris 4mm beads for the closures. The text I used came from 2 loose pages that I had laying on a shelf for a project such as this one.  So I just cut out random words and pieced them together. It's a bit odd, yes, but I hope those who get the books add to them or enjoy them as is.

The lever moves from side to side allowing her hand to "strum" the strings of the harp. :) The piece is smaller than 1 inch. The other pages are 2.5 cm square (1 inch square)

I have found a new hobby! :)
I made a lot of elaborate prototypes that were fun to work on, hopefully I will be done with some by next month. I'll be giving one of theses away during the Charm Day event the week following April 28th. :)


Rhea said...

These are adorable! I can't believe how much work is in each tiny charm. Fantastic job! Mona's bob hairdo made me smile. :)

Jackie said...

So charming and unique! These mini-pop up books require a lot of patience and hard work - WOW!

Jackie :D

PeggyR said...

Those are very cool. Did you join the one in the Art Charm group in yahoo? I'm in that one.

Mati said...

Están muy bien

M Smith Gentry said...

Hey, that is really neat!!! I love making things that have some, lift, pop, slide...makes the art special, I think. And then you can wear it too! Very cool. :)

dollhouse miniature said...

My grandma used to have some antique miniature pop up books, but I've not seen any in decades.