Wednesday, February 01, 2012


INTERNATIONAL Call for Charm Artists! Spread the cheer/news for  ' Charm Day. We're looking for tutorials and pictures of handmade artistic charms. Made of ANY MEDIUM that can be worn or used in a project or as a decoration.
ANY skill level!
Photos of handmade charm jewelry and other projects incorporating art charms are needed too.
If you would like to promote a giveaway on your website or blog, you'll can sign up for the list to advertise it on our sites, there is a deadline of March 12th, to let me know if you will be participating.
Start sharing the news now.
Blog about it, talk about it with your friends, in your art groups, tell your art buddies, younger children, big kids and older people who may be interested in participating too.
For those who may not have computer access or a camera/scanner, offer to help them out if you know they are talented/gifted at this art form.
Get them involved :)
Start making charms to give away to people you want to share with, or even give them away as random acts of kindness to complete strangers. It's actually fun to do!
Share this post on your FB wall if you'd like. There is an email to contact me on the sidebar of my blog. Write Charm Day in the subject line. You can also post to my FB wall to let me know if you will be participating or to ask any questions.
Or leave a comment on my blog. <3 Amber Dawn<3


Nazo Design said...

Hi Amber,

Just saw your post. I think this is a great idea. Can you please give more detail about the event? What should a beader do to get involved?

Peggy said...

OK Girlfriend--it's posted on the ArtCharms Yahoo Group. Anything you want from us, just let us know!