Monday, May 02, 2011

Something that makes me very unhappy...

I'm just as interested in action being taken against the food terrorists as I am the armed terrorists. Bio-tech weapons in the form of genetically modified foods are as dangerous to us. 
Spraying our foods until they are saturated with chemicals is DISGUSTING! 
WE ARE NOT MODIFIED to resist the damage the chemicals do! 
What the plants can resist after being modified and altered in their DNA structure, we cannot. We are not able to live as long without aches, pains, medicines, high BP, headaches, organ failure etc. without the aid of more chemicals to trick our body into being well. Cancer is no longer a one to/in many ratio. Unusual and new diseases are surfacing because of the large consumption of modified and processed foods. Not only are processed foods dead, lacking in live energy, it is full of pesticides and altered DNA!  If you eat nonsense, your body will react to that nonsense by breaking down.

You cannot soak or wash away chemicals that have saturated your fruits, vegetables and your grains. America, your meats and dairy products are contaminated with chemicals that have been digested by animals who have been fed the chemically saturated plants and grains. If you eat animal fat, and it is not organic, you are eating pesticides that have been stored inside of the fat cells. Would you spray your food with bug spray before serving it to your family at meal time?! 

I truly hope that the nonsense and foolishness GETS SWALLOWED UP BY TIME AND SPACE AND SHORTLY, NO LONGER EXISTS! May their money and resources wither away, the way they have made nature rot and wither. I do, so hope, that nature fights back at THEM and wins. 


Naturally Me Creations said...

Absolutely! Which is why i've started trying to grow as many veggies as i can in my own garden.

Beadroe said...

Amen, I try to raise as much as possible with no pesticides what so ever. I make all of my own compost including raising worm to do some of the work.

saffron johns said...

Well put, grab the heirloom seeds while you can and grow your own!

sorry if this comment comes up twice I cant get to grips with it!!!