Thursday, January 20, 2011

CHARM DAY! It's not that far away! I'm starting this year's blog roll file in preparation!

 I'm recruiting an art charm army! Who's interested in participating in our world wide event this year? We need to get the word out so everyone can prepare their special parties, RAKs and tutorials as well as organize the blogroll of participants and giveaways! Spread the news! International Charm Day is April 28th!
You can notify me by leaving a comment if you will be posting something special about handmade art charms to your blog the week of April 28th!
Remember it is a day to wear, share and appreciate the art form.

If you are not a blogger/google user, choose anonymous when leaving a comment and leave me your contact email. My comments are moderated; I will *not* publish your message if you leave me an email!

(((If you have never made one, you can start at any time. You can make them however you want.
No time better than now to start practicing!)))


Clayworks by Lisa Boucher said...

Would love to! Looking forward to finding out more about it. Sounds like great fun ~ count me in!

Vickie said...

Fantastic! I would be delighted to participate, Amber...I'm in, too!