Wednesday, July 01, 2009

~* S.T.E.M. *~ Really cool sound! Worth far more than the $ I spent!!!

Space Time Energy Mass...

That is what S.T.E.M. stands for.

A progressive rock band from New York.
(((Each of their songs have seriously cool and catchy changes!)))

Vocals: The epic maximus composer & chalice drummer -Ryan Safarian
Guitar: The mighty plectrum striker -Greg Bolomey
Bass: The anchoring tone keeper -Jeff Romano
Drums: The beat & rhythm master Tony Consalvo

I bought their new digital album, The .7 Compromise, (it's less than $9.00!!!)
just a few weeks ago and enjoy the unusual time signatures and ROCKING melodic music they play. The lyrics are very poetic and nothing short of deep.

The album sounds even more INCREDIBLE with headphones on!!!

It sounds SO good on the iPod!!!! (The computer speakers are not good at translating the delicate vocal tones and "face melting" guitar riffs.)

They are not a heavy metal band per se, but do play very hard core melodic sounds fused with Mediterranean ethnic soul, kicking beats... A GREAT guitarist, bassist and drummer!!!

I am :::REALLY::: enjoying most of the songs and feel that the album was a Very Good purchase.

The whole band has serious talent and a great sense of humor, worth checking out!
Here is a comment which I found posted on
(Posted by Romik)

"progressive... YES
simple carpenters... ONLY ON SUNDAYS

if you're into Rush, Tool, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Peter Gabriel

Get THIS Album! look up ineffable and apotheosis then Get THIS Album to achieve IT.
If you don't believe me just listen to the lyrics. The music itself holds a sick dichotomy of darker themes with beautiful tones of what I like to call harmonic devastation! Their unique perspective brings a fresh originality that's been missing for quite some time. Unrivaled talents... I know that's BIG but if your sick and tired of whats out there, then you seriously need to belly flop into this mess: space time energy mass

by the way tracks 2, 5, and 6 played in that order opens the gate to the 7th dimension."

(If you see this, Romik, I hope that you do not mind me quoting you...)

Many of you live in areas where their song "Bounce" has made it to your radio already!

If you have heard it, like the CD or have voted for them on IMN , I would love to hear your feedback!

Leave me a comment by clicking on the comments link just below this post, right next to the date.

~*Please VOTE for S.T.E.M. It would make ~*ME*~ very happy!!!*~
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"Ryjin - Dirty Little Minds (RRM) Between the "R" and the "S" on the list
S.T.E.M. - Bounce (RedPig) <------------ Sabrina Taylor - Ferris Wheel (STR)"
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The .7 Compromise

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