Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Are you aware that some jewelry tools, pliers, and other hand tools are made with materials or substances ,"Known in the state of California" to cause *cancer* and birth defects as well as cause other harm to your body?

My husband bought me a pair of wire clippers and when I turned the package over to open it I was met with a sticker warning, telling me of the danger.
This was from BEADALON


I am SO bummed!
I've waited all weekend until today to continue working on some projects because my clippers are worn.
I got my pair - already used handed down from one of my friends, and wasn't aware of the danger that the handles may have on the tools!

Just heads up to you.
Some cords, cables and wires have warnings on them from time to time about containing lead.- Some just never mention it!
Be more aware of what is in your home. NOT ALL COMPANIES ALERT YOU!

I have a feeling I am killing myself with all of this STUFF I use.
What can I do with my life if I keep having to give up every art form I love simply because the tools, materials and supplies are made in a toxic and poisonous way.

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3rdEyeMuse said...

which is better ... being aware or completely ignorant? ok, I know, rhetorical question.