Thursday, September 28, 2006

I love shoes.
I have a diverse and unique collection of them myself.
The unusual thing about me and my shoe collection though, is that most of them, I only want to put on, and wear, around the house!
When I go out, I often wear flats, or some type of comfy shoes in which I can walk long distances, without developing an attitude towards the world or inflict some sort of scrapes, cuts, blisters and bruises.

I went into a shoe store today, where I found a lovely pair of heals that looked amazing on my feet... The problem was, they didn't have my size. The ones I had tried on, although they looked beautiful, would have been excrutiating to actually wear, even around the house.

It's the story of my adult life.
They just do not carry enough NICE LOOKING SHOES in a variety of sizes for tall woman.
It is SO true!
Even in high end designer shoe stores!!!

If you are tall, and fabulous, then you must know exactly what I am talking about! You walk through the rows of shoes and find ones that you just adore, only to learn that the particular style you want is only made up to a size 10...
There are TONS of UGLY and "practical" shoes in larger sizes!

I must remind myself often, that it is better to walk in sensible comfort and pass on trendy murderous foot killers like classic and lovely shaped shoes.

Even if it is only to keep me from pouting...

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