Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This will blow your mind... Even if you are jaded!

~*There is no simple way to define how this book has touched my heart and mind today!*~

I have been a fan of Ruth's for several years now, and have always been moved and impressed by her work. From the moment that I opened the first parcel full of art work that she sent to me, I just *knew* she was pretty special! She has a unique and strong skill of expressing ideas and assembling colors and mixing materials together in a pleasing way. She is a knowledgeable designer with palpable passion for her work.

Kelly has become a friend of mine and a really fun person to follow. She is witty, entertaining and oh so charming! Kelly does not divide the world of art and written expression. She molds a visual entertainment package wrapped up nicely with high quality surround sound to boot. Figuratively speaking that is!

Her high octane personality is fun to interact with!

I like her a lot!

To experience these two phenoms in a single book, together along with a bevy of other online artist friends and new acquaintances, I am THRILLED.

It is SO VERY exciting to experience the fruits of the harvest that came about from the gardens and fields tended by Ruth and Kelly.

They planted seeds, in a most fertile ground, and what sprung forth, I believe, will bear fruit for many years to come!

The visuals and examples in the book contain unique, avant guard, steampunk, romantic, techno chic, delicate, BOLD, energetic, calm and so many more qualities.

There are projects fit for all types of artists.

The colors are just right!

The ideas are not washed down. They are IN YOUR FACE! You can SEE the details.

The backgrounds and scenes for the jewelry are not overpowering.

The words in the book are friendly, supportive, encouraging and REAL.

This book is a MUST for all who are interested in swapping art, or starting a new avenue with your jewelry design business.
And especially CHARM MAKERS!!!

I myself feel that this publication is fresh, exciting and FUN!

"Fear will stop you in your tracks and kill your creative impulses. Art is supposed to be whatever you want it to be---you cannot fail and you get to dictate your own rules. I often remind myself to get out of my own way. I suggest you do the same; let go of all inhibitions and create with ridiculous amounts of glee." ---- Kelly Snelling

Yes!!! GLEE!!!!

That is the BEST!


Thank you Kelly & Ruth!!!!


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dime store daze said...

what's the name of the book and where do we get it?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, terrific, whoo-hoo!

Kelly Snelling said...

okay two days in a row you've made me all watery eyed! but you've also made me feel very special and proud and happy and given my heart a helium balloon to wear inside it. thank you, amber dawn, for such a shiny, glowing review!!!! you are the sweetest!

3rdEyeMuse said...

I just added it to my Amazon wish list!! :)

lindacreates said...

I did not know of this book! Now that I am wanting to create this type of jewelry, I must get it. Thanks for the info Amber.